Brianna Cockett-Mamiya talks about her identity as hapa. 


Being from Hawai'i, Brianna finds the term "hapa" to fully encompass her racial identity. The term "hapa" was originally used to describe individuals of part Native Hawaiian but has recently been used to describe those of part Asian backgrounds. Since she is a mixture of Japanese, Chinese, Native Hawaiian, and white, she embraces the definition hapa. 


Brianna talks about her Japanese American identity growing up and how she currently stays connected with it. She believes the food she ate was an essential gateway to understanding her JA culture. Growing up, she didn't fully understand what Japanese incarceration was or its effects on her own family. However, nowadays she finds a deep relationship to her JA identity through learning about Asian American history. 


"I think the easier term would just to say that I'm 'hapa' and that I'm half Japanese. But then it gets complicated..."

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